Vlachos Bros S.A. converts plastic film such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PET, PVC, polyamide, alufoil, paper and board as well as special multilayer films.


  • Films for vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) packaging machines.
  • Films for vertical (VFFS) packaging machines for snacks etc., with high oxygen and UV barriers.
  • Laminates suitable for boiling, pasteurization and sterilization.
  • Top webs for “Multivac” type machines.
  • Bottom webs for thermoforming.
  • Films and prefabricated pouches for vacuum packaging.
  • Special films for modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Antifog films for refrigeration and deep freezing.
  • Printed and/or laminated paper and board.